Students` Scientific Activities
Jessenius Faculty of Medicine in Martin

“Science allows us to prove, but intuition enables us to discover.”

— Henri Poincaré

“If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.”

— Isaac Newton

“Every great advance in science has issued from a new audacity of imagination.”

— John Dewey

45th Students` Scientific Conference

Conference date: 23rd April 2024 (Tuesday)                    Registration deadline (abstract submission): 5th April 2024

What is Students` Scientific Activity?

Students` Scientific Activity (ŠVOČ) is a voluntary activity at Jessenius Faculty of Medicine in Martin. It is a possibility how a student can be joined into real medical research. ŠVOČ itself leads the student to scientific thinking and creative work. It can be a good basis for a diploma thesis as well as a good first step for future medical practice. Another benefit can be an advantage during the selection process for international mobility.

Who is a volunteer and research fellow of Students` Scientific Activity?

A volunteer works in the lab without reward. He or she can begin or exit scientific activity anytime in agreement with a tutor. Participation at Students` Scientific Conference is voluntary.

A research fellow is entitled to remuneration for his work. He or she will sign the agreement about scientific work in the lab. For research fellows the participation at Students` Scientific Activity is obligatory. 

What is Students` Scientific Conference?

Every year a Students` Scientific Conference is organized at Jessenius Faculty of Medicine. It is a form of how students can present the results of their work. Conference is usually organized in April (summer semester) and has a competitive character, i.e. the best presentations are awarded.  


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